Almaguin Highlands Communities

Bear Lake Sunrise Callander Beach Screaming Heads on Midlothian Road Rocks on the shore in the Kearney Area
One of the Almaguin Highlands Communities

Visit the Almaguin Highlands Communities and relive the memories ...

From Callander in the north to Novar in the south, any of these picturesque communities and townships in the Almaguin Highlands can provide you with an excellent starting point to explore the region, regardless of the season.
This area is generally sparsely populated, with concentrations around the hamlets and villages in the region, but, the residents of the townships still regard themselves as living in a community, and despite the fact that these townships are relatively large, we have also listed them here.

Local Almaguin events and festivals are well attended, laid back, and down to earth, sure to bring back memories of your childhood when life was much simpler.  The residents have no need for physical workout programs as they get lots of exercise waving at their neighbours as they go by.

So take your time and visit our communities here in the Highlands whenever you get the chance. We are sure you will be pleasantly surprised at what you will find.

"Where you come to relax and play"

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